R6.0 Database Schema Changes

1. Table changes

  1. changed field
    1. tag to VARCHAR(250) BINARY in page table
    2. cache_time to DATETIME in cache table
    3. log_time to DATETIME in log table
    4. rating_time to DATETIME in rating table
    5. watch_time to DATETIME in watch table
    6. cache_lang to VARCHAR(5) in cache table
    7. user_lang to VARCHAR(5) in user_setting table
    8. page_lang to VARCHAR(5) in page table
    9. page_lang to VARCHAR(5) in revision table
    10. category_lang to VARCHAR(5) in category table
    11. file_lang to VARCHAR(5) in file table
    12. menu_lang to VARCHAR(5) in menu table
    13. referrer to VARCHAR(2083) in referrer table
  2. removed field
    1. supertag from page table
    2. supertag from revision table
    3. to_supertag from page_link table
    4. account_lang from user table
    5. fingerprint from user table
    6. group_lang from usergroup table

2. Database layout

table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database

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a_schematic_of_wackowiki_r6.0_database_structure.png table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database 113 KiB  13.02.2021 01:31 
a_schematic_of_wackowiki_r6.0_database_structure.svg table structure of WackoWiki R6.0 database 689 KiB  13.02.2021 01:33 
wackowiki_6.0.mwb MySQL Workbench 8.0 file for WackoWiki R6.0 27 KiB, 47 Views  13.02.2021 01:26 

MySQL Workbench 8.0 file for WackoWiki R6.0

3. Tables

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