Mixed directionality of text

Priority: low, but essential

Supporting RTL languages

1. Content versus user navigation

CSS: [dir=rtl] (custom & browser defaults)
HTML: dir="rtl"

additional issues

  • included pages
    • <section class="include-page" dir="rtl" lang="fa">
  • language specifics

Area Mixed directionality Notes
Installer no 
Wiki yes 
Admin panel no  exception: included actions

1.1. User lang dir

  • handlers
  • theme
    • header
    • footer

1.2. Mixed directionality of text usage

  • actions
    • users
    • pageindex
  • WikiEdit
  • handlers (as part of view handler)
    • _comments
    • _files

2. Bidirectional text

<bdi>: The Bidirectional Isolate element


  • breadcrumbs
  • lists

3. Language specifics

ol:lang(fa) li {
  list-style-type: persian;
ol:lang(hi) li  {
  list-style-type: devanagari;

4. Tests

فارسی – test rtl conent flow

  • Henrietta Boffin – 1st place
  • Jerry Cruncher – 2nd place

  • اَلأَعْشَى – 1st place
  • Jerry Cruncher – 2nd place

5. Test Cases

مفهوم اصلی ویکی حول این ایده می چرخد تا از حداقل مجموعه ای از توابع استفاده کند. تنها عملکردی باید اجرا شود که برای کاربردی کردن ابزار همکاری وب و یادگیری و استفاده آسان لازم است. این به معنای ایجاد ابزاری به ساده ترین شکل ممکن، هم در کد و هم در تعامل با کاربر است.

5.1. Quote

But I can tell you that the most important interaction I ever had around this topic was a story that I'm going to close with. I had the good fortune of meeting the head of the Zoroastrian faith in Tehran, in the middle of the 2000s. And I was asked to meet with this individual and I had the great opportunity to have a conversation with him. And I was ignorant of his faith. But I had a general awareness and I said, "Help me understand something. How do you have a faith that involves a story in which, as I understand it, when the end comes, everything goes dark? The light goes out. Not a story of hope that somehow there's the, you know, city of light and golden streets and all of those kinds of things. In your story, it ends with darkness." And he looked at me and he smiled and he said, "David," he said, "the darkness may win one day." But he goes, "The purpose of my life and the purpose of my faith, is to make sure I add to the light so that the darkness can't win on my watch." What a beautiful gift. It's not about winning, it's not about losing. It's about making sure that your light is brighter on your watch so that at the very minimum you've pushed back the darkness for one more day. Add to the light, don't add to the darkness.

5.2. List

  1. یکی
  2. دو
  3. سه

6. Resources

Main languages that use right to left scripts:

  1. Arabic (ar)
  2. Aramaic
  3. Azeri
  4. Dhivehi/Maldivian
  5. Hebrew
  6. Kurdish (Sorani)
  7. Persian/Farsi (fa)
  8. Urdu (ur)