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====Most Annoying Bugs====

  1. **((/Dev/NewFeatures/ExtendedAcls Extended Acls))**
  1. if ($method && $method != "show") unset($wacko->config["youarehere_text"]); 
  1. ((/Users/DidierSpaier/ProposedSpecificationsForLanguagesHolding)) 
  1. rewrite search action

  1. cleanwacko-> strip also ##file:## links and formatter options ##(hl php ...)##

  * PostgreSQL support
  * SQLite support

Implementation itself should not be that difficult, however it needs at least one major user.

  2. add function InviteGroup (allow/deny add/remove)
  1. receive all messages combined in one digest
    1. daily at
    1. once per week on
    1. once per month, on the day number
  2. option for allowed actions in comments
  4. move antispam.conf as badword to config