To Do Unscheduled


Most Annoying Bugs


  1. Extended Acls
  2. if ($method && $method != "show") unset($wacko->config["youarehere_text"]);
  3. /Users/DidierSpaier/ProposedSpecificationsForLanguagesHolding
  4. validate_reserved_words
  5. inherit theme from parent page
  6. config['hide_comments'] == true surpresses also recentycommented action what is not intended if you only want hide the comment panel
    • config['footer_comments'] -> only perpage
    • config['enable_comments'] -> global (incomplete implementation) -> see function user_allowed_comments()
  7. add namespaces for 
    1. category
    2. account
    3. ...
  8.[...]ccess_control#Origin (CSRF protection)
  9. rewrite search action



  1. <meta name='robots' content='index,follow,noarchive,noodp' />
  2. add compatible WackoWiki version to themes and check against current version
3. missing language in header / meta if !$this->page


  1. add more checks to registration
    1. email restrictions like domain etc.
  2. add filter [lang|category|etc] in pageindex, search, changes, ...


  1. category: indicate the language of the shown categories
  2. Report this page
  3. show: it should also be possible to get an page via the 'page_id' (as permanent reference, eg. for external applications)
    1. redirect to tag to avoid double content
  4. upload: add option to 'Overwrite existing attachment of same name' DONE
    • if same owner / admin
  5. page creation: check if new tag is too long and give a warnig -> VARCHAR(255), this cas is rather probably but possible
  6. Warn users when they try to move their user page that their account will not be renamed
  7. permissions: changing page owner also changes owner of the attached comments for the user doing the transition
    AND owner_id='".quote($this->dblink, $this->get_user_id())."'
    • adding option for comments (default off)


  1. cleanwacko-> strip also file: links and formatter options (hl php ...)


  1. autodetect the language on the first page
  2. create a robot.txt with the installer
    • this makes only sense if the file is located behind the first slash / in the url else it will be ignored
  3. add better help box:
    ===Getting Help===
    To get help with WackoWiki, visit the Documentation - the wiki and forums are excellent resources.


  1. for Upgrade insert other aliases also in groups table
    • $config['aliases'] = ['Admins' => $config['admin_name']];
  2. the installer asks for the Wiki admin password but ignores it later, so tho old password will be used


Admin Panel

  1. protect Admins group and Admin user
  2. allow multiple admins login with personal credentials in addition to recovery password login (in case of db corruption)
  3. translate message sets in proper English
  4. refactor sections

Privacy Policy

  • hide user related data in users action for [Guest | etc.]
    • last login
    • statistics
    • group memberships


  • create test pages
  • SQL cache: $this->db->load_all/load_single($sql, $cache); $cache = [0|1] -> bugs:308
    • run debug 3 to identify costly queries -> if so test it with the parameter set for cache if you get better results (actions, hacks, handlers, core)
      • $cache is already set in some queries


PHP Notices and Warnings

bugs:237 -> set in config/constants.php

define('PHP_ERROR_REPORTING',		5); // PHP error reporting: 0 - off, 5 - all

and / or check \apache\logs\error.log


  1. Translate English placeholders


  1. update documentation?
    1. config
    2. actions
    3. syntax
  2. SQL cache -> info config / howto
  3. robots.txt
    1. useragents disabled by default
    2. location of robots.txt


  1. add function InviteGroup (allow/deny add/remove)
  2. Admin can upload unlimited
  3. Mediawiki and other wiki converter
    1. Mediawiki supports wackowiki but wackowiki cant import mediawiki!!!. Some media wiki themes recommended.
    2. Support for mediawiki.
  4. [formatting="default|wacko|html|simplebr"]
  5. make GUI elements optional via the user settings [GUI] [] bookmarks [] breadcrumbs [] etc.
  6. add new db field 'menu_tag' and 'sef_tag' for each page
  7. add options to turn off features like categories, referrers,... DONE
  8. receive all messages combined in one digest
    1. daily at 
    2. once per week on 
    3. once per month, on the day number
  9. option for allowed actions in comments
  10. move antispam.conf as badword to config
  11. SHA digest of page content (body)
  12. DOCX and PDF page export done by handler — the exported document should contain: page ID + page revision hash, page revision date, page title and page text, there should be page numbers in the document also; for pages with multiple Includes — all mentioned only for main page
  13. Search page by page ID and a pair of page ID + page revision hash to let users search the certain documents fast to edit.