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Evolved people respect differing views. Understanding that life's meaning is to be found everywhere. They are open, always learning and growing. An evolved person knows that there is only one truth, but many different ways of seeing it.

seeking Documentation writers,
  * Developer Documentation
  * User Documentation
new translators would be nice, both for new languages and for those existing translations
and programmers are of course welcome to ((/Dev implement)) one of the many (?RFE's == Requests For Enhancement?) in the (( tracker)).

  * write/translate documentation in/into English
  * Link documentation into /SubPages of the Russian documentation.

Pages / Content to create
  * Vision Statement
  * Wacko Wiki BSD License Guidelines

  * (( Documentation Style Guide)) of Gnome


  * ((user:MarkHissinkMuller MarkHissinkMuller)): Created some initial structure for the ((../English English)). 
    * Would be nice if English speaking Wacko enthousiasts would meet here and build together
    * I would help to build if I had the slightest idea of what the documentation reads in russian. I will try to get one of our russian speaking students to help, not too much hope though, since they are busy studying :-)
  * ((user:TomSpilman TomSpilman)):  I'm gonna start trying to translate it over as best i can just to get some progress made.  I don't know Russian, but my friend [[ Babelfish]] knows a little. =)
  * ((user:TomSpilman TomSpilman)):  We need to avoid mixing the documentation for different languages.  I started pages for ((../Deutsch Deutsch)) and ((../Français French)).

((../Deutsch/Aufgaben Deutsch)) - ((../Français/AFaire Français))