Wacko Typografica

Formatter that convert double-minus into emdash, single-minus into dash, make some minor corrections with nb-spaces and short words, wraps (c), (r), (tm), (p) & some other pretty symbols.

Formatting rules are based on typographical standards for russian books, our own heuristics & oriented on, again, russian users primarily. However, if you like the way text is formatted here, you could use it on your own.

Examples of the Formatting Special Characters

Subscript Insert spaces before and after vv.
H vv2vv O
H 2 O
^F °F
^C °C
(p) §
(tm) (tm)
(c) (c)
(r) (r)
+- +-
~~ ~

Formatting rules & formatter base were developed by Pixel-Apes group.
More information you can get on project`s web page here or there: