Wiki Etiquette

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When editing pages just keep the following rules in mind:

1. General

  • Write clearly and avoid slang. Many of those who will read your text may not have English as their first language.
  • Don't delete other people's contributions without very good reason.
  • Avoid the "click here" phrase. Don't say: "More info about etiquette can be found here" but use "More info about etiquette can be found at WikiEtiquette". This makes it easier for users who require assistive technologies to use the web page.
  • Correcting typos is encouraged.

2. About comments

  • Unless you have a strong reason for contributing anonymously, sign your comments. You also might want to create your own Wiki page and link to that from your signature.
  • Think before you comment. Wiki is not a high-speed conversation board or a news server. What you say will remain here for a long time.

3. Tips for Creating WikiNames

  • A good WikiName is short and descriptive. If the name is logical and easy, many more people will link to it.
  • A good WikiName is more likely to look like a chapter title of a book than a complete sentence.
  • This Wiki allows you to create pages with a single word as a name, but try to use at least two words - we don't want to exhaust the name space.
  • Double-check WikiNames for typos - otherwise someone will create a misnamed page! Misnamed pages are bad, since linking to them requires more effort than to a logical, correct WikiName.

4. Refactoring pages

Refactoring is the process where you sum up a page, shortening it, making it more accessible. Anyone who feels up to it may go ahead, but we suggest that you leave it up to frequent (experienced) visitors.

  • Be objective - both pros and cons have to be represented correctly.
  • Be careful with signed contributions - don't change their meaning.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Use 3rd person or plural instead 1st person singular in your summary.