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A WikiName is formed when two or more alphanumeric words are joined together with the first letter of each being uppercase. Valid examples would be:

  • MyWikiSite
  • WikiAdmin
  • JohnSmith

When you write a WikiName on a page in Wacko it will automatically become a link to a page by that name, this saves you from having to remember long URLs and makes the creation of inter-page links simple. If we wrote the following on a page:

My name is JohnSmith.

That sentance would be rendered by Wacko for any clients reading the page as:

My name is JohnSmith?.

Picking a User Name

Your username must be a valid Wiki page reference, which consists of two or more words smashed together (eg. HomePage, UserName). Easy, isn't it?

WikiLinks are disabled by default, because namespaces (clusters) are usually used.

With wikilinks disabled all internal links must be set in double brackets.

enabled disabled
Users/WikiAdmin ((Users/WikiAdmin))

To re-enable them, set disable_wikilinks = 0, via config table or Admin-Panel (Preferences -> Formatter).

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