redirect to another page

I would like to have more options for redirect. For example {{redirect to=""}}


  1. Re: redirect to another page

    The redirect action redirects the visitor between WackoWiki pages with a 301 Moved Permanently code. This is necessary if the page has moved to another address within this domain.

    Redirects to other sites are not supported for security reasons, since everyone who can edit the page has access to this action in the public system. Using redirects with the code 301 Moved Permanently to another site can disrupt indexing of the original site by search engines, as well as mislead users because they will go to the page address of one site and end up on another. Independently add such functionality is not recommended, as it increases the risk of undesirable actions on the part of users.

    For the transfer of the entire site to another domain or transfer, in exceptional cases, individual pages on another domain - there are ways in .htaccess, which is compatible with WackoWiki and does not cause problems. In other cases, it is better to simply write a link on the page to where the information is located.
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