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center an external image ascrsoft
17.12.2020 18:01
2 796 ascrsoft
18.12.2020 01:44
Reviewing the documentation I found the following to resize and center an image: (code)width=500 align=center ( I used this a lot: (code)wrapper=text wrapper_align=center)(([...]
Callouts? berot3
16.01.2020 17:43
4 1,657 WikiAdmin
12.02.2020 18:26
Is it possible to have something like callouts or admonitions in wackowiki? like this: or this: I ha[...]
Tables Guest
03.09.2011 09:21
1 820 WikiAdmin
03.09.2011 09:26
Hi, working with fixed width tables isn't quite a joy, and joining cells only works for last right cells, alas. Maybe formatting tables could be a little optimised? 1) This... cell11|cell12|cell13 cell21|cell22 ...spans cell22 unde[..]