Administration question about revisions

is there any way to easily know the number of revisions of each article published in the wiki? this would make it easier for the administration to locate and purge very old revisions of each article.



  1. Re: Administration question about old revisions

    see Database

    page table
    • version_id -> $this->page['version_id']
    • revisions -> $this->page['revisions']

    config table
    • pages_purge_time -> $this->db->pages_purge_time

    1. You can set the pages_purge_time in the Admin panel.
    2. In the page properties you can see the recent page version.
    3. The field revisions holds the number of the available revisions for each page.

    You can write a own action to show and purge pages, which reaching a self defined threshold.
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    after a few headers trying to understand how actions and templates work.

    I managed to place the revision numbers in the index as I find it useful to know for all users.

    Files modified for this purpose:
    • pageindex.tpl
    • pageindex.php

    to activate or deactivate it use the following line
    {{pageindex reviews=0|1}}	

    will show you only the revision number if there is no previous revision or otherwise both. (only for the administrator)

    i already shared my modification for your review and opinion?

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    • 15.12.2020 01:52 edited
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    I looked a bit what other actions can be taken as basis. You can take the mostpopular or mypages action, copy it and start from there. Take your time. For instance if you take mypages, you can reuse the tabs for sorting the pages after revisions or version_id. You can put the value in front and add a tab for the admin to do some selected actions. Additionally you can show some extra infos when hovering over a certain record.
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    I didn't use those because I wanted a complete view of all the content of the wiki, not the most viewed nor a particular page. That's why I did it in the index to approve the consultation of all the available articles.
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    I tested the action locally, we should improve the action in a way a Admin can focus on certain issues and filter or sort all records accordingly.
    Additionally we should add links to all workflow related action and handlers. I have some ideas, something like we have with filemeta / attachments / upload handler and the user action.
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