Changing a Categorie of a page after it has been created

I go to the edit page properties that I have open and select Categories to edit
the categories of the page in question. I deselect the check box for the category that page was in only leaving 1 category.
click save category, and it looks like the changes did not save. the page is still in the two categories
So thanks for any help
Wackowiki has been great to work with.


  1. Re: Do not save parent category automatically along with the selected sub-category

    Is the selected category a sub-category? If so then the parent category get automatically selected along with the sub-category, regardless if the parent-category is not selected in the form. This behavior was back-ported along with to category handler.

    This is of course not consistent with the selection made in the form. We can change this behavior so it selects only the chosen categories.
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  2. Re: Do not save parent category automatically along with the selected sub-category

    Showing elements both in sub-category and it's parent category makes those elements more visible and viewable, but makes the parent category trashy.

    I think it would be good to show in each category the list of it's sub-categories and the list of elements in this current category without elements in sub-categories unless for those elements it is not chosen explicitly to show them in several (not only in sub- and parent- categories).

    I guess the system should not force adding parent categories if the user have unchecked them.
    I think the system may offer a category but not force adding it.

    We support categories as a logical abstraction to sort pages,
    as urls are our physical abstraction to sort pages.

    BTW, on category page Category we got the default view to the categories on certain single language and have no view on Categories on all languages at once. I think this is important as many pages have multilingual categories like both English and some other language. So I guess multilingual Category view should be added and it should be configured in action to make it the default one or not, or to make custom views adding certain languages to it. -- Elar9000

    The auto-selection of the parent category has been removed.
    PATCH: 28cb2aa
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