Does wackowiki allow users to use templates

I know that "templates" already have a specific meaning and object on wackowiki. But forgive me, because I can't find any other exact word to describe it. Does wackowiki have a feature that allows users to easily call a template when creating an article? Just like Wikipedia's. I mean they have many kinds of templates that can be invoked to create things like people, countries, flora and fauna, wars, etc. Is there any way to implement these features on wackowiki?

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    There is a content template action in the Hack & Patches section.

    It is possible to implement content templates via action or handler. The example above can be improved, I only added the template.

    This can be realized eighter via regex or page import, e.g. you have a template cluster you define and select then via drop-down the content template you wanna use - or you have predefined.

    We can realize a simple solution.

    Beyond that it is possible to create content boxes, e.g. for books. Here is the question if this box should be dynamic (action) or static (formatter).

    Can you add a few samples we can work with for a show case.
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    Hello. I would try to learn the function of /Dev/PatchesHacks/TemplateInsert later and I can show you some case samples. I also study Mediawiki and I find it allows users to create a template that is essentially a wiki page. When such a template called character is created and put into a namespace, e.g. all the templates are in
     namespace: template	
    , the user can embed this template into a new page by typing
     {{template: character}}	
    in another page.

    Here is a link of how the template looks like in Wikipedia.
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    If you look into the source of the MediaWiki template example, you can see that with that complexity there is no advantage the user is able to edit the template via a Wiki page.

    Then it is better to have a meta page about the template, where users can suggest improvements.

    The equvivalent in WackoWiki is the action. Additionally you can include other pages. In a action you can combine all aspects of the WackoWiki engine.

    You might create a {{tpl name="river"}} meta action and include other actions and asociated templates, e.g. tpl_river.php + tpl_river.tpl.

    The rest is PHP and HTML, optionally JavaScript.
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    Thank you @WikiAdmin. I appreciate your keep updatding. I am very pleased to try this new action: Template examples. However, these days my server broken and lead all my wiki sites invaluable😭,I need to reinstall the wackowiki software, rebuild the database and recreation an admin account. I will try it when I setup all and let you know if.I can work well with it.
    Thank you very much.
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