How to add privacy policy and terms of use page

Most websites have links such as About, Privacy, Terms, Contact, etc... in a menu located in the footer. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in WackoWiki? I did see the following code in the default footer.php file but I have no idea what it means.


// comment this out for not showing website tos link at the bottom of your pages
if ($this->db->terms_page)
$tpl->terms_href $this->href(''$this->db->terms_page);


[= terms =
	<li><a href="[ ' href ' ]">[ ' _t: TermsOfUse ' ]</a></li>

Does this mean if I set 'terms_page' => '', to 1, the link to TermsOfUse page will be displayed?

If so, can I copy, modify, and include the above code I could add a contact page, about page, etc... the same way?



  1. Figured it out

    Figured it out. I set terms_page = TermsOfUse in wacko_config table, deleted config.php in _cache/config directory, and reloaded my home page. I saw the link to Terms of use on bottom right corner of page. I clicked the link and created the new page. Works great. Now, I will try to add new config_name and config_value to wacko_config table to see if I can add other links to pages I want to see on the bottom.
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  2. Adding About and Contact page

    I tried to add new config_name and config_value to wacko_config table as mentioned in my previous comment to add additional pages as mentioned in my first entry above but it doesn't work. Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Example for additional footer links

    // comment this out for not showing website contact link at the bottom of your pages
    if ($this->db->contact_page)
    $tpl->contact_href $this->href(''$this->db->contact_page);

    ContactPage here requires a message set in your language files.

    [= contact =
    	<li><a href="[ ' href ' ]">[ ' _t: ContactPage ' ]</a></li>

    Or you hard code the string
    [= contact =
    	<li><a href="[ ' href ' ]">Contact Page</a></li>
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