How to find WikiAdmin password?

How to find lost Admin password? I don't have the email service setup yet and email set for the admin is not active yet..


  1. Re: How to reset the WikiAdmin password?

    The password recovery feature requires email support.
    The easiest way is the following:

    Enable online registration in the config.

    config table
    set allow_registration to 1

    Purge/delete the config cache afterwards (see _cache/config/config.php).

    Register a new user.

    Add this user to the admin group.

    usergroup_member table
    group_id user_id
    1 2
    1 3

    group_id - look up the group_id of the Admin group in the usergroup table
    user_id - look up your new user_id in the user table

    Login with this new user and set up the email configuration.

    The email_confirm field in the user table for the admin should be empty by default, if not so remove the token.

    Now you can reset your forgotten password for your admin account.

    See also: How to reset password of Admin account?
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