Replacing INDEX as a menu option

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Add, edit or remove default menu items

I am not able to add Index as a menu item.

SO what am I doing wrong?


  1. Re: Replacing INDEX as a menu option

    action: {{menu system=1}}
    table: menu

    Did you get any error message back, such as
    • The bookmark already exists.
    • This page doesn't exist. ?

    Which version of WackoWiki do you use?
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  2. Re: Replacing INDEX as a menu option

    Please create the page first, the menu table stores only the page_id and the alternate title for the menu item.
    If you have already created the page, please check if the provided page tag you want add to the menu is correct. Since 6.0.6 all tags are accent and case-sensitive.


    And if the page does not resides in root, the tag must contain the cluster.
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  3. Re: Replacing INDEX as a menu option

    Yes you can call me a total idiot. I created the Page INDEX by going under more, create and in body typed INDEX went back to add menu. same error.
    Thanks for your help:)
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  4. Re: Replacing INDEX as a menu option

    Lets say your wiki resides under
    You now create a page in the wiki root with the tag INDEX:
    You can edit and read this page.

    A. adding a bookmark to your menu
    You can also set a bookmark for this page for you by clicking the bookmark icon in your menu.
    Now you can go to Account -> Bookmarks to set an alternate title for that bookmark in the menu.
    WackoWiki Menu User Settings
    In the column Page you see the actual page tag.

    Does this works for you?

    B. adding a bookmark to guest menu
    You now want add that page INDEX to the menu for guest via the Admin panel or {{menu system=1}}.
    You add INDEX and click create.

    If the menu action fails to create a menu item, it will give you back an error message.
    This page doesn't exist. means that the provided page tag is not valid.
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  5. Re: point out more clearly what is meant by page tag

    Yes, the entire page tag must be used. When the page does not resides in root, then the tag contains the cluster as prefix.

    Improving context information

    We can point this out more clearly, by showing the page tag below the page title in the page properties:
    Title: Replacing INDEX as a menu option
    Tag: Forum/Discussion/ReplacingIndexAsMenuOption

    WackoWiki General Page Properties
    What you think, might that help other users, or should the description in the menu action be more precise about the page tag?
    In the input field we can add via placeholder= "Please add a page tag, e.g. Cluster/Page".

    The same applies to the page= argument in the actions.
    As longtime user you get blind to certain things, because they are obvious to to you.
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