Moving from one domain to another: any automated process already done to changes the urls?


I'm new to wackowiki and I've surely done the things wrong.

I moved my wiki from domainA to domainB with only changing the config file and moving the db and web files. Well, the urls are pointing yet to domainA .

I need to rewrite this urls to the new domain. How it's done?



  1. Re: How to re-render all pages after a domain change?

    So you haven't moved to a new server but changed the domain, right?
    In short, all you have to do, is to empty 'body_r' in the page table and each page get rendered again with the new domain on the next page view.

    UPDATE prefix_page SET body_r = '';	

    In the Admin panel you also find under Maintenance -> Data Synchronization the point Wiki-links, there you can chose the option Re-compiling all pages and it will re-render all pages and Wiki links again.

    tune the re-rendering settings to avoid timeouts or reaching the memory limit

    But since you do not modified the table content itself, empty 'body_r' is enough. A simple button with an explanation doing just that, is missing.

    Update: A new option to reset the pre-parsing was added: Maintenance -> Reparse all pages
    Reparse all pages
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