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There is annoying problem with session duration in WackoWiki 5.5.5 - if duration of page editing is pretty long then results of editing are not saved, the banner "Welcome back, User" appears on the top and content of the page is as before editing. Session duration in the user profile is a month. By default editing duration without results saving (EDWORS) is about a half of hour.

I changed $cf_gc_maxlifetime and $cf_max_idle in class/session.php from 1440 to 43200 but it increased EDWORS to about one hour, not 12 hours. How can I make EDWORS and the banner "Welcome back, User" appearing equal to session duration in the user profile?


  1. Changing session duration

    For the meantime you can of course try to raise the session related time values. Guess you should add a factor to the following :

    * FACTOR (12*60*60)

    public $cf_nonce_lifetime	= 7200*FACTOR;
    public $cf_gc_maxlifetime	= 1440*FACTOR;
    public $cf_max_idle		= 1440*FACTOR;
    public $cf_max_session		= 7200*FACTOR;	// time to unconditionally destroy active session
    public $cf_regen_time		= 500;		// seconds between forced id regen
    public $cf_cache_expire		= 180*60;	// ttl for cached session pages in seconds	

    I did not test if it works, does it?
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