Session Timed Out Patches


  1. warning and manual save if server is unavailable
  2. AJAX heartbeat if server is available
  3. warning and manual save user when the user has logged out [403]
  4. \n versus <br> issue for message set
  5. add heartbeat support also for comments


  1. local save via HTML5 with version conflict prevention
  2. add Heartbeat Control
    • enable / disable heartbeat
    • locations (edit and comment handler)
    • frequency (default: 1440, 24 minutes)
  3. if server is unavailable icon for error message won't load if not already cached
  4. user POST if server is unavailable -> check server status to prevent data loss
  5. alert(div.innerHTML) versus prepend(div)
  6. localize: "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved." defunct
    • Browsers removed custom messages in onbeforeunload dialogs to prevent scamming [chrome]
  7. Replace inline JavaScript
    • e.g. var itemID = document.body.getAttribute("data-foo”);
  8. build in JS debug session time counter
  9. Unsability improvements, search for good examples
  10. add Heartbeat feature to documentation


  • currently it is sufficient to load the JS lang file only with WikiEdit


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