WackoWiki example sites?

Hi all!

Could you please provide a list of web sites running WackoWiki? I didn't any so far.

How large is the user base for WackoWiki?


  1. Re: WackoWiki example sites?

    Thanks for answering! :-)

    We do not track our users and we removed the identifying tag intentionally.

    I understand.

    With the identifying tag you mean “Powered by WackoWiki”, which can be seen here only after login?

    That HowManySitesAreUsingWackowiki page helped a little. :-)

    I'm also pretty sure, I saw a page in this wiki about a work-in-progess list of WackoWiki installations, but can't find that page right now. (You?) I think, there should be a paragraph added, that this list will never come.

    Meanwhile I also found the statement «10.000+ installations worldwide» at the About page.
    • bttr
    • 05.04.2024 14:01 edited
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