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Changing a Categorie of a page after it has been created   bear  
  02.07.2020 10:25  
2 200 WikiAdmin
04.07.2020 11:46
I go to the edit page properties that I have open and select Categories to edit the categories of the page in question. I deselect the check box for the category that page was in only leaving 1 category. click save category, and it looks l[...]
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Selected categories were not saved with new page   bear  
  11.06.2020 00:16  
3 209 WikiAdmin
12.06.2020 08:16
When creating a new page select the check box for that Category I would like the page to be in this case Tarot Major Arcana After clicking on save the page is saved correctly but not placed in the category. I have to go back in manually [...]
Does it support tagging?   XaRz  
  26.04.2020 12:37  
3 264 WikiAdmin
27.04.2020 09:18
Hello, Perhaps is a silly question, but I can't see how to add tags to the content. It's possilble? thanks,