Welcome to the official WackoWiki website. WackoWiki-an excellent Wikipedia, you can use it to do a lot of things, you can use the software to write as much as you want, and even as a forum, content management system, and even cloud disk, news viewer, chat program, etc., the wiki is made in a hypertext preprocessing universal language 大树(Big tree), uses database as a resource carrier, and has the characteristics of high compatibility and powerful functions. Visit download page 大自然2(Nature 2) immediately and download it. You can visit Wiki documents to view the wiki documents. If you have the ability to develop programs and understand the basic syntax of hypertext preprocessing general language and structured high-level query language, then visit Development Center as soon as possible to develop this program.If you can help us translate the program or document into any language except English and German, then you can join the translation group and carefully translate the various contents of WackoWiki. For more information about translation, please refer to the translation page for more information. To join us, please visit the about joining the translation group page for more inforcomation. 大自然 This is a story:The Power of the Dream - - When someone looks into your eyes they should see something alive within you. Having a dream is like owning a lighthouse1 which directs you on your journey.At every turn we come across its mystery. At each new level we become more of the person we were meant to become. In lonely times, when we pass through a storm of disappointment, we find our faith is unshaken, our strength still strong.Believe in your faith. Set the vision before your eyes. Write down your most sincere dreams and when the opportunity comes, step into your dream. It may take one season or more, but the result is the same. Make big dreams and then go out and make them realities. The highest hopes of the dreamer are revealed with every step taken in their journey to the impossible. For a season we must protect the dream so that it can grow quietly on the inside. But if we tenderly care for our deepest expectations, slowly but surely the dream will become new life.Dreaming is an act of faith. The light of your expectations will cast off the shadows of a disbelieving world. God has given us the dreamer as a gift to light an unbelieving world.Find your treasure within and cherish2 it. Tomorrow is waiting for you to take the first step.If you want test WackoWiki text syntax and format please goto Sandbox

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