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**!!(green)R5.0.5!!** is out **((** (1.3 MB) ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/ReleaseNotes Release Notes))

  * 23.10.2019: 5th Maintenance Release  -> Files updated to  ((Commit:95c416fc2f607e5dd6cb85ed3f109befde198e4f 95c416f))

This is a major release.

====Notable in this release:====
  * normalizes database
  * new default theme
  * major code refactoring and cleanup
  * back ported  features from openSpace fork
  * implements PHPMailer
  * complete PHP 5.3 compatibility

((/Dev/Release/R5.0/ChangeLog Full WackoWiki 5.0 changelog))


If you want upgrade from a previous version follow ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade these instructions)).

  * ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade upgrade path for R4.x))  is provided
  * ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Dependencies requires at least)) PHP 5.2 (PHP 5.3 recommended)

====Source Downloads====
Clone repo
%%git clone -b 5.0.5

**This is the one and only upgrade and migration path to the new code base.**
The 5.0.x development branch is reserved mainly for this purpose.

All users should upgrade.