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  1. Secure Coding Practices

    29.01.2019 12:27 - WikiAdmin - 39 KiB - en

    System Configuration: 1. Ensure servers, frameworks and system components are running the latest approved version 1. Ensure servers, frameworks and system components ... Configuration: A set of controls that help ensure the infrastructure components supporting the software are deployed securely.Trust Boundaries: Typically a trust boundary constitutes the components of the system under your direct control. All connections and data from systems outside of ...

  2. A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages

    23.05.2022 08:21 - WikiAdmin - 47 KiB - en

    not totally outrageous. The current cost trends and size of the various components do offer considerable hope that the target can be reached. The analogy to color ... represent, respectively, the least expensive and the most expensive components in our fantasy machine. They are presented together because of the great influence ... electronic "slide rule", the main savior of our dreams is cheap LSI components. The HP-35 uses five LSI chips with an equivalent of 30,000 transistors, for an average

  3. 5.5 Change Log

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    * npjlink patterns * icq highlighters -> chat highlighter (/Dev/Components/Formatter/Chat) * implemented ACTION4DIFF, sets allowed actions in DIFF * does not ... Extensions 1. added Bad Behavior (/Dev/Components/Lib/BadBehavior) extension

  4. Formatter: MathJax

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    Hosting your own copy of the MathJax ComponentsCopy the files from the MathJax Components to the js/mathjax/ folder on your server. to your router.conf if you hosting your own copy of the MathJax Components.

  5. Hello World or Καλημέρα κόσμε or こんにちは 世界

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    set, with subfonts holding the Latin-1, Greek, Cyrillic and other components of the typeface. A suffix on subfont files encodes (in a subfont-specific way) the ... First, it simultaneously breaks the huge Unicode space into manageable components and provides a unifying architecture for assembling fonts from disjoint pieces. ... Making the management of the fonts the concern of only the essential components simplifies the system and makes bootstrapping less intricate.

  6. Troubleshooting

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    to create the /tmp folder in root of disk or choose another option (/Dev/Components/SessionHandling).Please turn rewrite_mode in the installer or the secondary config (/Dev/Components/Configuration) off, if you haven't configure the NGINX rewrite rules yet.

  7. Re: Getting Ready To Start Over

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    cache contains the data from the primary and secondary config (/Dev/Components/Configuration). Usually the cache gets updated as soon as a new value is set in the ... * Configuration (/Dev/Components/Configuration)

  8. Extensions / Components / Actions

    04.01.2022 21:44 - matjung - 623 B - en - 1 is the best place to find commercial / open source Extensions / Components ?

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  9. 5.5 Release Notes

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    added support for audio, video and SVG files 1. added Bad Behaviour (/Dev/Components/Lib/BadBehavior) as extension 1. public registration moderation by admin 1. ... Furthermore you may want to change this to a custom folder (/Dev/Components/SessionHandling) for the application (e.g. _cache/session) .