Didier Spaier

Hello everybody.

Thanks a lot for Wacko!

I installed it WackoWiki R4.0 for the Wiki part of my company's website : http://epsm.fr/wiki/Bienvenue -- Sorry, I've setup "multilnguage" => 0 in wakka.config.php but you still can give it a watch. Default theme is epsm (my company's name and site name) -- This theme doesn't deserve to be shared for now (not finished yet). May be one day I'll propose to share it, minus the upper menu bars.

I run my own small business in Paris, doing mainly training and consulting in the project management field -- all kinds of projects, not only software.

I revised French translation of Wacko -- not 100% complete and some mistakes left, though.

I was not successfull in setting up '"groups of groups", is it possible ?
RomanIvanov: What do you mean?
DidierSpaier: Let me give an example.
Here is a piece of my wakka.config.php :

"Company1" => "FirstMember\nSecundMember\nThirdMember",
"Company2" => FourthMember\nFifthMember",
"Company" => "Company1\nCompany2",	

I wish "Company" be considered as a group whose members are those of Company1 and those of Company2. But when I write Company in an ACL field it is not recognized as an authorization for all these people.

At first I was unable to use uploaded files and (sorry RomanIvanov I've bothered you with that). Eventually I could get it working this way.

  • I saw in my hoster's FAQ that directory by default for uploading files using PHP was /home/{site_name}/tmp.
  • So I created directories /home/epsm/tmp and /home/epsm/tmp/perpage — epsm being my sitename — and made it writable for everybody
  • I changed my wakka.config.php this way :
  • "upload_path" => "../../tmp",
    "upload_path_per_page" => "../../tmp/perpage",
  • I did set up a symlink — theses directories being outside my website, whose root is /home/epsm/www) — : ln -s /home/epsm/tmp /home/epsm/www/tmp

Everything seems to work now. I should only put a .htaccess in /home/epsm/tmp/perpage with "deny to all".

Useful inforrmation follows :
MichaelFeix: If you want your Admins (or any other user/group) want to be able to edit pages from all users put the following option in your wakka.config.php:

"rename_globalacl" => "Admins",	

Replace "Admins" by your desired user/group.
DidierSpaier: thanks, Michael.

My mother tongue is French -- and I don't understand Russian at all ; please communicate with me using either French ot English.

My email address is : didier -- at -- slint -- dot -- fr

I began writing documentation pages in French, see Doc/Français.