Released 2019-11-03
0000548: [action] redirect: change the default HTTP status code to 301 (administrator)
0000543: [formatter] add parameter to limit redirects for rerendering pages and the amout of pages rendered at once (administrator)
0000546: [action] add routine to set missing ACL sets (administrator)
0000542: [formatter] set HTML-filter parameters values for re-rendering pages (administrator)
0000545: [formatter] broken context determination for comments in page re-rendering (administrator)
0000544: [action] orphaned action shows not only orphaned pages (administrator)
0000541: [handler] comment with missing parent page causes redirect loop (administrator)
0000540: [email] diff text output for email notifications is in revers order (administrator)
0000539: [action] phrase parameter in search is ignored (administrator)
0000538: [administration] setting error for autosubscribe (administrator)
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