Released 2014-04-17
PHP 5.5 compatibility
0000422: [unicode] patch for htmlspecialchars(), htmlentities(), html_entity_decode() (administrator)
0000405: [action] toc action does not recognize include page structure (Elar9000)
0000400: [handler] prevent subpages on comments (administrator)
0000446: [action] E-mail verification broken with mod_rewrite off and multilanguage off (administrator)
0000445: [action] Password Recovery Not Working (administrator)
0000430: [cache] cache patch (administrator)
0000421: [action] Flash action did not pass flashvars parameters (Tann San)
0000425: [administration] admin panel database restore problem with PDO (administrator)
0000427: [formatter] patch to wrap lines in emails (administrator)
0000438: [database] remove depreciated MySQL API support (administrator)
0000437: [installer] add option to chose db charset via installer (administrator)
0000426: [code cleanup] small patch of write/read database tables structure (administrator)
0000436: [core] Replace preg_replace() e modifier with preg_replace_callback (administrator)
0000259: [installer] incorrect CSS Path in installer with mode_rewrite (administrator)
0000309: [action] generate toc as a list (administrator)
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