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Summary0000142: Manually set dates for pages
DescriptionHi, it would be handy to be able to manually set the timestamps for pages due to a few custom actions I've written for certain clients. The most useful place for this so far is in a news action I wrote which lists the page names in date order. The problem with the current setup is that each time a page is edited it's "time" column gets updated to the current datetime.

I'm proposing adding a second time column called "sort_time" which is the one we use for sorting when we want to sort by user controlled times. As default this gets set to the timestamp when the page was first created. It does not get updated with each edit. Then later on if we want to edit it we can use the Settings page to manually adjust the day-month-year-hour-minute via dropdown boxes.



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2009-07-06 16:18

administrator   ~0000665

I suggest to implement a 'news channel' feature like in the openspace fork (

- you can define a cluster for in the config
- add an RSS news feed

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