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0000226WackoWikihandlerpublic2009-03-06 12:36
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Summary0000226: print handler forces output to UTF-8
DescriptionI some page using ISO-8859-x charset is formatted for print the resulting print page is forced to use charset UTF-8 due to a conversion bug. The character - is converted to – which is a UTF-8 character only - it is not defined in any ISO-8859-x character sets.
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parent of 0000210 resolvedElar9000 include and improve RSS action (feed.php + simplepie) 
related to 0000228 resolvedmir Does not produce valid XHTML 



2008-09-07 23:21

developer   ~0000493

Forgot to provide a test case.

Try this link:
Page is using iso-8859-1.
Now try clicking on the print symbol to have a printer friendly page and the resulting page will have changed charset to utf-8.


2008-09-08 10:58

administrator   ~0000494

I guess this is caused by the charset autodetection of your browser,
the new feed action (embedded in in the page you linked above) still uses "only" UTF-8

see 0000210


2008-09-08 16:17

developer   ~0000503

No, my test case shows that it is the transition of the body part which is causing the change of character set since a - from iso-8859-1 is converted to a - taken from utf-8.

Try to see the source for my link and compare that to the source produced by the print formatter function.

Original page: <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

print page (save as): <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

choosing display source in browser shows that charset is still claiming to be iso-8859-1 which is actually wrong. Save as therefore correctly changes charset indication to utf-8.


2008-09-09 00:25

administrator   ~0000510

this is caused by the charset autodetection of your browser


2009-03-06 09:06

developer   ~0000596

in svn version i am using, i've tried to re-produce this bug, but i couldnt.
In all the tests i did, the charset in print page is equal to charset of the original page

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