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0000297WackoWikiadministrationpublic2009-10-11 19:00
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Summary0000297: Switching Domain not possible?
I installed WackoWiki a long time ago on my webspace in /websites/wiki/.
A few days ago I installed a CMS. Suddenly the wiki stopped working. I asked my customer's support and they told me, that is because the wiki and the CMS were both installed in the /websites/ directory. The told me to create a subdomain ( and to direct it to /websites/cms/. Also I had to change to /websites/ again. I did so and it worked. The CMS appeared, when I called and the wiki appeared when I called
But I decided, I would rather fancy, if the wiki was placed in a subdomain, while the CMS appears when regular mydomain is called.
I switched to /websites/cms/, created a subdomain ( and directed to /websites/wiki/. But it does not work. T_T
I don't know what I did wrong. How do I change the wiki's domain?

Sorry to be a bother...
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related to 0000180 resolvedadministrator URL rewrite did not work on subdomain with current .htaccess 



2009-05-18 20:49

reporter   ~0000652

I get:

"Not Found
The requested URL /wiki/ was not found on this server."

(Forgot to mention it, sorry)


2009-05-19 09:32

administrator   ~0000653

Did you set the "base_url" => "", in the config file correct?


2009-05-19 09:44

reporter   ~0000654

I did. I tried to avoid bothering you and altered the wakka.config.php in several ways, but none did work.

Here is what I tried:
"base_url" => "",
"base_url" => "",
"base_url" => "",
"base_url" => "",
"base_url" => "",

I guess I have to confess, I'm not really into html, java, php or whatsoever. Sorry to bother you all.


2009-05-19 10:08

administrator   ~0000655

try to remove the www.

I guess all you have here is a missmatch. You haven't changed anything except the folder - right - and now you call your wacko instance via a subdomain like

then "base_url" => "", should work
there might be a typo in the subdomain configuration (/) - do a test with am image, or the level above the folder /wiki has another .htaccess file which causes this


2009-05-19 10:20

reporter   ~0000656

Thank you, I will try this and report back! *rushes off*


2009-07-02 10:45

administrator   ~0000660

guess this issue is solved, reopen if necessary

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