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0000334WackoWikihandlerpublic2011-05-31 21:24
ReporterDidierSpaier Assigned Toadministrator  
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Product Version4.2 
Target Version5.0.betaFixed in Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000334: bookmarks shown for other language if multilanguage is off
DescriptionIf I un-check Multingual at installation time, then a problem arise if browser's preferred language differ from language chosen during the installation. Then (e.g. for browser's preferred language=>en whilst wacko config language=>fr) some standard bookmarks don't work, because corresponding pages were not inserted in the database. So we see Changes?, Index? and Comments? instead of working links because RecentChanges, PageIndex and RecentlyCommented tagged pages were not inserted in the database during installation (see appended snapshot wackowiki4.png).

As a workaround I suggest that if "multilinguage" is not set to "on" or is not present in the configuration file, GUI language be always set to the one indicated in the "language" parameter of the same file, not considering browser's setting at all in this case.
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child of 0000089 resolvedTann San Redirect non logged in users to the language that suits their system as default 



2010-02-02 02:35

administrator   ~0000738

fixed wih rev1045 - function GetDefaultBookmarks: case for multilanguage off was just missing - it was that simple tsss...

    $lang = $user["lang"];
else if (isset($this->config["multilanguage"]))
    $lang = $this->UserAgentLanguage();
    $lang = $this->config["language"];

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