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0000369WackoWikicachepublic2017-08-31 09:36
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Product Version4.3.rc 
Target Version5.5.0Fixed in Version5.5.0 
Summary0000369: Improve caching system to pass more of Google Page Speed tests
DescriptionWhat Page Speed is - (like Yahoo's YSlow but with some significant extras).

What we need to do on caching:
1. Store html cache gzipped and send it to client with proper header
2. Store css and js in cache gzipped and send it to client with proper header
3. Store xml gzipped and send it to client with proper header

What else:
1. We got many css and js - we should make a procedure to combine all css to a single compressed css file, and all js to a single compressed js file and send to client single preprocessed js file and css file and already gzipped.
2. I mean compressed is not only gzipped, but removed \r\n and spaces, shortened vars etc. See google for "compress javascript", "compress css" for details.
3. We should send browser caching headers for some images, css and js.

This won't take us much resources because all the processing is made once and then we give the stuff from cache.
Steps To ReproduceHope you all got Firefox:
1. Install Firebug for your Firefox.
2. Install Page Speed for your Firebug.
3. Check what Page Speed says about :
  a) Open URL,
  b) Press F12,
  c) Open Page Speed tab in Firebug.
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better you test with our recent version with sql cache

the downside of compressed css and JS might be the client caching

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