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0000376WackoWikiunicodepublic2011-12-04 06:36
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Product Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000376: Page Index with "not german" characters
this is my first bug report.

I setup the wackowiki 4.3RC and chose the german language.
When I click on "index" i always have the following characters shown:
A Â B C Ð Ê È E G Ï Í Ï I K L M O P R S T U V and the other characters such as H J and so on are missing.
This seems due an incorrect language setting but I cannot fix the problem without any help.
This issue appears on all OS i checked. Linux and Windows.
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related to 0000305 resolvedadministrator add option to install only a subset of languages (default pages) 
related to 0000330 resolvedadministrator Wrong sorting pages named in Russian on Index page. 



2010-10-06 16:19

administrator   ~0000773

That's OK. You probably have installed WackoWiki with the option 'multilingual' and therefor you see all these 'odd' letters. This means WackoWiki will install the base pages for all available languages. Additionally the encoding of a page depends on the page setting 'language'.

The PageIndex action only shows the letters of existing pages. So adding a page 'HelpMe' and 'JazzMusic' for instance makes the H and J available.

One thing you can do is to delete all base pages except German and English (English because German uses some base pages with the same naming) or reinstall the entire Wiki without the option multilingual.

Pls. reopen the ticket if I missed something.

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