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0000390WackoWikisearchpublic2019-02-14 12:04
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Product Version5.0.beta 
Target Version6.1.x 
Summary0000390: Exclude selected pages from wacko search
DescriptionSometimes we build ComplexPages with many:
{{include page="/CustomMenus/SomePageWithCustomMenu1"}}
{{include page="/CustomMenus/SomePageWithCustomMenu2"}}
{{include page="/CustomMenus/SomePageWithCustomMenu3"}}

But at the same time those pages:
can contain many same WORDS as in the content of ComplexPages that call the include action.

What do we get when we use wacko search to find WORDS?
Let's see th result:

As we can see - results 1-3 are not needed.
But how should the system determine which pages to exclude?
We could tell it - via acl - let's call it "Search ACL":
Y - include in search results,
N - exclude from search results.
We could apply this ACL for a single page (like /CustomMenus/SomePageWithCustomMenu1) or a whole cluster of pages (like /CustomMenus). By default all the pages should be shown in local search.
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2011-06-30 10:23

administrator   ~0000801

Last edited: 2011-06-30 10:25

Its not an access right issue but an random filter issue. You want tailor the search to exclude certain pages.

The question is how and where you flag those objects and on what criteria (rights, group, etc.)

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