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0000053WackoWikiactionpublic2009-10-13 16:05
ReporterEoNy Assigned ToTann San  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version5.0.betaFixed in Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000053: PageIndex sort wrong with capital ans non capital Letters
DescriptionInsert Wiki entry "Lara, Laura, lana, Zender," (see lower an upprer case letters).

pageindex show:

in /action/pageindex.php :
$sql = "select ".$this->pages_meta." from ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages where ".
"latest = 'Y' and LEFT(supertag,7)!='comment' order by BINARY tag limit ".$offset."


$sql = "select ".$this->pages_meta." from ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages where ".
"latest = 'Y' and LEFT(supertag,7)!='comment' order by tag limit ".$offset.",".(2 * $limit); ,".(2 * $limit);

AND in mysql change in table prefix_tag, field tag
from latin1_bin to other where make an better sorting for it.
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has duplicate 0000330 resolvedadministrator Wrong sorting pages named in Russian on Index page. 



2007-10-15 05:24

administrator   ~0000144

charset issue

Tann San

2007-12-17 01:18

manager   ~0000237

I made the changes as listed below with a few minor fixes to correct typos. I also modified the install script to accomodate this with the SQL change.

It does fix this issue but I'm not sure if it has messed up sorting for foreign characters.

Can you give me 3 pages using german characters at the start that I can test on my local copy please along with the instructions for what the correct sort order should be. I'll get 3 more pages from one of my swedish friends as well.


2007-12-18 06:07

administrator   ~0000246


“db_collation” => “0”,

"0" OR

Tann San

2007-12-18 15:16

manager   ~0000251

to tell you the truth I'm not sure what the collation option does, I know what it does in the code and to SQL but I'm not sure what the result is. I'll read up on it.


2007-12-18 20:03

administrator   ~0000253

this affects ORDER BY

Tann San

2007-12-19 16:19

manager   ~0000256

so you haven't actually said if it's messing up your characters. I just requested the swedish test data from a friend of mine so hopefully I can test it out this week. I read this link which told me what SQLs SET NAME= does:

very good read. means I could of skipped the changing the column type in SQL but I think in the longrun it made sense to do that anyway. it was set for binary before.

Tann San

2009-04-09 20:01

manager   ~0000632

Is this still an issue?


2009-10-10 21:28

administrator   ~0000690

see bug 0000330

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