ToDo R6.0

Please pick a issue you can solve.

R 6.0

dev repo []

Main Focus: UTF-8 support and migration

R6.0 is more or less R5.5 with Unicode support. For open issues from R5.5 please look here.

1. PHP

1.1. PHP 7.4


2. Features

3. Core

  1. fix client side JS input validation patterns, see below under testing
    1. login and registration action
    2. new, clone and rename handler

4. Installer

  • add note to base_url about relative path: "... or the path, relative to base url, starting with /"
    • current input form type is url and won't match /wiki/
  • router may does not load CSS and images until config.php is written DONE -> bugs:532
  • PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: wacko_config in /test/class/settings.php on line 39
    PHP Warning:  array_merge(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, null given in /test/class/settings.php on line 39
    PHP Notice:  Undefined index: tls in /test/setup/header.php on line 4
    PHP Notice:  Undefined index: tls in /test/setup/common.php on line 9
    PHP Notice:  Undefined index: base_url in /test/setup/common.php on line 15
  1. define('CACHE_SESSION_DIR', '/tmp'); is defined in constant.php, and currently not set via the installer
    1. use ini_get('session.save_path') as indicator, BUT we do not use the PHP build in session! -> write value, its a nuisance that the user currently has to do this on his own
  2. offer to create the recovery_password within the install process

5. Handler

  • Full Diff is very slow with multi-byte support
    • it may take seconds, the larger the document the longer it takes.
    • the only thing that was changed is setting the /u flag and changing substr to mb_substr
    • revision:1bf90f9

6. Action

7. Formatter

8. Cache

9. Admin Panel

10. Database

11. WikiEdit

12. Libs

13. Refactoring

14. Themes

15. Documentation

16. Feedback

17. Testing

HTML5 pattern

Unable to check <input pattern='[\p{L}\p{Nd}\-\.]+'> because the pattern is not a valid regexp: invalid identity escape in regular expression

JavaScript does not support the construct \p{}.

Content Security Policy: Die Einstellungen der Seite haben das Laden einer Ressource auf eval blockiert ("script-src"). 5 autocomplete.js:280:2

17.1. Test cases

-> Test cases

17.2. Debug