SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp"

Installed wacko, all successful until finally got error message:
SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp" and blocked ("rien ne va plus")

– manually make new directory tmp + releasing rights
– opened config.php and looks fine

– 'wacko_version' => '5.5.8',
– locally, on xampp windows ApacheFriends XAMPP Version 7.2.4

What did I do wrong? Tnx in advance!


  1. Re: inaccessible directory "/tmp"

    You / xampp have probably insufficient user or access rights for the '/tmp' folder.

    Possible options:

    Change in constants.php the value for CACHE_SESSION_DIR to _cache/session or in your case /xampp/tmp
    define('CACHE_SESSION_DIR',		'/tmp');	// '_cache/session'

    Change in the secondary config / Admin panel System section the session_store value for Session handling from File (1) -> Database (2).

    Address your insufficient user or access rights for the '/tmp' folder. On Windows you might want chose option A or B.

    The default tmp/ folder for XAMPP Windows resides under C:\xampp\tmp, see comment below.
     define('CACHE_SESSION_DIR',		'/xampp/tmp');
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  2. A not working; C done; B= ??

    Tnx for suggestions:
    option A: done, but returned "SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/_cache/session""
    option C: done, all Windows permissions set to "allow" etc
    option B: cannot find file to edit, where exactly is it?

    Tnx again, ciao
  3. Re: session_store settings

    To A, same issue like C, set the necessary access rights for the folder /_cache/session and user (xampp).

    To B, you can change the value session_store either in the config table or via the Admin panel in the System section.

    AP change session store modi
    Change the session store modi from File to Database.

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  4. XAMPP Windows folder for session data /xampp/tmp

    The default tmp/ folder for XAMPP Windows resides under C:\xampp\tmp. I totally missed the fact that the path differs on Windows.

     define('CACHE_SESSION_DIR',		'/xampp/tmp');

    Added a note about setting the path for CACHE_SESSION_DIR to the release notes and installation instructions.
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