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Backup & restore snots
07.03.2023 13:20
3 479 WikiAdmin
08.03.2023 12:35
Hi, I'm trying to backup and restore my site via the admin panel. The backup seems to be working fine but when I click on Restore, I didn't see any backup and I have the following message: You can restore any of the backup packages found o[...]
Move entire wiki onto a new server marius
25.02.2015 14:50
1 2,085 WikiAdmin
27.04.2015 12:44
Does anybody have an idea how I can (hopefully easily) transfer my entire WackoWiki from one machine/server onto another? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks! [..]
Moving WackoWiki to a new server Swissmorgy
03.06.2011 15:26
4 5,764 Swissmorgy
03.09.2011 23:09
Hello Wacko insiders I need to move a WackoWiki with all its contents to another server. How do I proceed? Thanks in advance for help or hints! Morgy (-)