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Getting Ready To Start Over enrollado
26.09.2020 02:45
1 985 WikiAdmin
26.09.2020 07:54
I'm just before giving up and starting over, so I thought I would give this a try. I had lots of problems installing the wiki. I have it up and running now, but several things aren't working. The recovery password. I followed the instruct[...]
Cannot switch theme Abram4
04.05.2019 13:23
6 1,525 WikiAdmin
09.06.2019 19:25
Hi. Switch theme from AdminPanel does not effect, active theme still is "default". Checked on clean install R 5.5.9, XAMPP, PHP 7.2.12 Any idea ?
How to add privacy policy and terms of use page gference
26.10.2014 18:31
3 1,901 WikiAdmin
03.11.2014 18:56
Most websites have links such as About, Privacy, Terms, Contact, etc... in a menu located in the footer. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in WackoWiki? I did see the following code in the default footer.php file but I have no idea w[..]