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Trouble setting up Admin password hash acoder2020
10.04.2024 19:33
4 311 acoder2020
16.04.2024 15:05
Could someone help translate this documentation? I'm unsure what means as an end user. The docs don't really explain this at least not here. to login define the recovery_password in the config/config.php file first Call the actio[...]
Help with comments ascrsoft
24.04.2021 16:35
2 1,058 ascrsoft
28.04.2021 00:13
I have not been able to make this combination. I would like to know how to make the comments of the articles public to everyone, but only registered users can comment.
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Suddenly a new problem Breantique
08.01.2021 23:53
6 1,818 WikiAdmin
09.01.2021 15:02
I forgot to copy what I had typed before I pressed save. /)_- Reader's Digest version: I stepped away to have a nap shortly after I got Wacko installed. Now I can't log in. I get a "The connection has timed out" message. I've been trying [...]
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Customizing page addresses megaego
12.08.2020 07:15
5 1,165 WikiAdmin
16.08.2020 06:44
Ask more experienced users if it is possible to use transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin in the address of the wackowiki page. Or the ability to set the address of a page with a different name than the page name?
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Moving from one domain to another: any automated process already done to changes the urls? XaRz
25.04.2020 19:31
2 805 XaRz
25.04.2020 23:24
Hi, I'm new to wackowiki and I've surely done the things wrong. I moved my wiki from domainA to domainB with only changing the config file and moving the db and web files. Well, the urls are pointing yet to domainA . I need to rewrite [...]
Session File Store: inaccessible directory "/tmp" regvg
15.02.2019 13:59
4 2,613 WikiAdmin
04.05.2019 16:16
Installed wacko, all successful until finally got error message: SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp" and blocked ("rien ne va plus") Tried/checked - manually make new directory tmp + releasing rights - opened config.php and l[...]
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How to add privacy policy and terms of use page gference
26.10.2014 18:31
3 1,908 WikiAdmin
03.11.2014 18:56
Most websites have links such as About, Privacy, Terms, Contact, etc... in a menu located in the footer. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in WackoWiki? I did see the following code in the default footer.php file but I have no idea w[..]
Embedding an iframe Dave114
24.07.2012 06:05
1 2,850 WikiAdmin
24.07.2012 16:50
Just wondering if there's any way to get WackoWiki to permit me to embed things like Google Maps in an iframe. I've got a private wiki, only accessible by authorized users and only editable by a further restricted subset so I'm not worried[..]
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