Melkormc Eru

Hi, I am Russian and a small know English & NPJ. If you want, I can translate some documentation of NPJ from Russian to English.

НПЖ мертв, да здравствует НПЖ!

You are already know, that we have help documentation in two place:
* — official from developments NPJ (some times in English)
* — from other users (in Russian only)

So, I think that very interesting and very hard to understand Actions. Documentation for user and developments. My version is very small, transtae in !/NpJaction

my help pages !/TestWacko + IMISEWiki:Wiki/TextFormatting + OldVer + bugs + /Org/Tools (most popular) + WackoWiki:Org/Tools/Repository хх


English articles
WA:node/english_description I can find it! !/description?


NPJ/translation == !/TransDocs
НпжФункции == !/FuncTion

We have some community for developments:

До свидания.


  1. Comment 22

    we can also foster the NPJ project along our aproach for wackowiki, but it needs much more preparations and an initial localization into English of the package itself, if someone is crazy enough to do that
  2. Comment 24

    give me a day more, to think about it

    but you can start transfer the bug tracker, will create a new project there for npj
    we can put meanwhile the sources in the wackofork repository (need your account name)
    set up a "Lastenheft" for the project here
  3. Comment 29

    now we (our group) working on the R4.3 release (let's say with testing and communitiy feedback in a couple of weeks), guess I can support you actively after this release, except administrative stuff
  4. Comment 30

    OK. I afraid break you project and send registration to start NPJdoc, first time I use it. After I'll understand how SF work, I copy results to you wacko_fork.
  5. Comment 31

    the wackofork repository is the "Kindergarden" for all our babies anyway ;)
  6. Comment 33

    Hi, all!
    Привет, MelkormcEru! Как насчет обсуждения проблемы на родном языке в джаббере e9000[-тут собака-]
    English speaking colleagues are also welcome to my jabber – e9000[-at-]

    To all – I got an idea to make wacko and NPJ gradually better together but this will need some reengineering and reconstruction so it will take some time. It will be all English in it's description and manual, so will become really international.