Released 2012-04-22
Stable release.
All installations that are currently running any 4.3.x version are advised to upgrade to this release.
0000362: [action] hide minor edits in "Recent Changes" page (administrator)
0000454: [security] Add initial support for Security Headers (administrator)
0000411: [handler] Soft 404 With DoesNotExists (administrator)
0000107: [action] action to show external links (administrator)
0000439: [handler] editing file description of attached files (administrator)
0000413: [installer] Upgrade from R5.beta fails due version missmatch (administrator)
0000401: [handler] Infinite redirect loop (administrator)
0000090: [appearance] Per Page / Cluster Themes (administrator)
0000039: [administration] Manage user accounts online (administrator)
0000412: [page rights] set correct permissions for comments (administrator)
0000408: [installer] empty table name prefix allowed but is not working (administrator)
0000042: [appearance] New default theme (administrator)
0000404: [handler] not recognized inner referrers (administrator)
0000406: [search] Error with "Search in titles only" check on
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