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0000010WackoWikiappearancepublic2019-12-17 07:55
ReporterEoNy Assigned Toadministrator  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version6.0.xFixed in Version6.0.0 
Summary0000010: language-independent interface
Descriptionan interface that could be independent of a language selection in the user's properties (e.g. the English interface in spite of the selected Russian language (which is selected in order to create Russian WikiDocuments by default)).
Additional Informationi.e. to divide somehow the user's language parameter to the "interface parameter" and to the parameter that would affect the language of the new pages that the user will create -- for now main problem is that new pages are created in the user's language (which is English when a user is using English interface).

also, _partialy_ it could be resolved via #005 -- a possibility to inherit language for nested pages in a cluster or 0000006 -- a possibility to configure default page language in wakka.config.php. both of this issues should probably be ignored otherwise.


related to 0000006 new possibility to inherit language for nested pages in a cluster 
has duplicate 0000126 resolvedadministrator [[НоваяСтраница @@ru]] 
related to 0000130 resolvedadministrator Always return iso-8859-1 
related to 0000089 resolvedTann San Redirect non logged in users to the language that suits their system as default 
related to 0000202 resolvedadministrator Page does not exist 
child of 0000059 resolvedadministrator Bad links in header after language in user profile changed to polish. 



2008-07-25 18:26

developer   ~0000435

Could we just move language combo box from properties to the editor page?


2008-08-04 11:01

administrator   ~0000462

could you made this an extra issue

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