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0000118WackoWikiappearancepublic2011-05-31 21:24
Reporteradrianw Assigned Toadministrator  
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Summary0000118: simple way to tailor the navigation bar for all users
Description(while still allowing users to add their own favourites) -- Adrian Walmsley
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Tann San

2007-11-28 22:37

manager   ~0000208

Tailor the navigation bar how? The navi should be fixed (as in non-user-changable) since it is part of the site and only the site admin should be able to change it. The favorite links are the ones that are up to the user.

Tann San

2007-12-04 21:53

manager   ~0000234

new toys?


2007-12-05 10:24

developer   ~0000235

Yes - I agree only the admin should be able to change the navbar.
But in the original wackowiki I did not find a simple way for the admin to change the permanent links in the navbar.
I think you have to edit some of the php source files.
Preferably there should be a gui or a parameter file to define the permanent links.

Even better if the navbar understands clusters.

So if the top level navbar includes a link to a page with other page below it, when you go to that page, the navbar should expand to include links to the pages at the next level down.


2011-02-16 11:14

administrator   ~0000782

now we have the menu table for this and the default 'bookmarks' can be edited via the admin panel or the menu action (name of the action might change)

furthermore we added an field called 'menu_tag' (menu label) in the page table

now we have
- tag
- supertag
- title
- menu tag

on the other hand we have also a new tree action which can be used for navigation, for more see here:

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