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0000026WackoWikieditingpublic2011-05-31 23:23
Reporteradministrator Assigned ToTann San  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version5.0.betaFixed in Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000026: make comments capable for editing
Descriptionmake comments capable for editing, like in Mantis
very often you post something too fast or you want add something later without deleting the original one (keep it in line, in the original place)
Additional InformationRobertVaeth:

Add after line 209 (thats like print("<a href=\"".$this->href("remove",$comment["tag"]"...):
print("<a href=\"".$this->href("edit",$comment["tag"])."\">Edit</a>

Replace in line 1537 (there a comment called COMMENTS one line above) at the end the word time by supertag

That's all, you should now be able to edit your own comments...
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2007-08-28 22:48

manager   ~0000022

15-11-2004 15:12

    We have no plans to do that.


May be someone send some patch for us.
07-01-2005 23:10

    As far as I've seen it, you can re-edit an existing comment (just you due to the given permissions).

If you hover over the delete-button, you'll see the name of the comment, e.g. Comment438. Now you could jump to the page that is named Comment438 and edit this page.
The problem is, that the comments are sorted by date (the date is the date of the last edited version), so your comment will move to the end of the comments because of the date.
I hope you have understood what I meant :-)

But there's also a-way-around, to change the method of sorting, it's possible to sort the comments by "supertag" (thats the site name, e.g. comment438).

So here's the hacking:

Add after line 209 (thats like print("<a href=\"".$this->href("remove",$comment["tag"]"...):
print("<a href=\"".$this->href("edit",$comment["tag"])."\">Edit</a>

Replace in line 1537 (there a comment called COMMENTS one line above) at the end the word time by supertag

That's all, you should now be able to edit your own comments...but the date is changes also -- but that's your job ;-)

Hope it helped,
Robert Vaeth
18-02-2005 23:03

    can you add the hack in R4.2?


2009-10-10 20:32

administrator   ~0000686

now the field 'created' is available

Tann San

2009-10-13 11:10

manager   ~0000696

Just added an edit button. The actual functionality was already there since comments are actually pages.

Tann San

2009-10-13 11:11

manager   ~0000697

This was revision 695.


2009-10-13 13:59

administrator   ~0000701

1) but then comments must be sorted with the crated field else it destroys the order of the comments,

2) additional now we have to consider that suddenly comments may have a record in revisions

3) and in editing the 'comment title' should shown for comments instead of 'change summary' and 'minor edit'

Tann San

2009-10-13 14:13

manager   ~0000703

pants. I wish you'd posted that earlier as initially this sounded like a simple task. Now I have to go back and check other things out.

Seems it's broken anyhow. If you edit a comment and save it, it then becomes a proper page and no longer a comment. The "new" page is then an orphan.

I'll make it sort by creation date i.e. your point (1).

Your point (2) doesn't matter. It's fine having them show up in the changed pages list. It shouldn't be that hard to remove them from there, just modify the WHERE clause to not use comments.

I don't even see the point of having comment titles. At present there is no way to edit a comment title so that will have to be added to the edit screen.

I think editing a comment should be more inline with initially creating a comment. When you edit a comment you get access to the full wikiedit toolbar. You should also have the option of doing this with comments. Maybe make it like forums work by having a "Quick Comment" which is like we have now but then have a new button "Full Comment" which opens a screen like the current Edit Comment screen i.e. with the full toolbar.

I'll try and do these changes today/tonight/tomorrow morning and get this section knocked off for good. I'm unresolving this issue.

Tann San

2009-10-14 12:36

manager   ~0000708

Properly fixed now in revision 701.

1) Comments are now sorted by their creation date.
2) Edited comments no longer have past revisions stored.
3) Comments title is now also editable.


2009-10-15 04:37

administrator   ~0000713

a) Preview mode for comment title does not work
b) if edit_summary is set '2' in config body for comment and page gets lost

Tann San

2009-10-15 09:40

manager   ~0000714


Tann San

2009-10-15 10:53

manager   ~0000715

Both fixed in revision 711.

The second one was actually a much bigger problem in that non of the error messages were getting displayed and instead the broken page was getting saved. I'm not sure if this was because of my comment updates or if it was in there from when the summary note stuff was added. I think it's all fixed now. I had to format the code so I could see where the nesting was going wrong.


2009-10-15 14:45

administrator   ~0000716

Bug catched. :)

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