ToDo R6.1

R 6.1

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Main Focus: new PHP 8.0 functionality

Please look here for open issues from R6.0 .

1. PHP

1.1. PHP 8.0


  1. PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($var) must be of type Countable|array, null given
    • if (count($file) > 0) -> if (is_countable($file) && count($file) > 0) requires PHP 7.3

1.2. PHP 8.1


2. Features

3. Core

  1. made time format depended from localization and user preferences
    • DateTime::format()
    • IntlDateFormatter::format()
  2. add utf8_word_count function
  3. Why does it store interwiki in session and not as JSON in _cache/config/interwiki.conf?
    • get_inter_wiki_url($name, $tag)
  4. move interwiki.conf and antispam.conf into table & _cache/config/*
  5. add option to enforce email validation before a user can login
  6. notify_watcher(): add direct link to diff mode in email body
  7. it sucks to see again and over again all these random session_notice(s), add a option to turn it off for daily work.
  8. COLLATE utf8mb4_bin for tag eats 𝓦𝓲𝓴𝓲𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼 in LIKE '/%' query, without slash it finds it, whO_Ot
  9. UTF-8 text must be checked for well-formedness
    • static function is_utf8($string)
        return (bool) preg_match('//u', $string);
  10. localize default date formats
  11. improve and foster message sets
  12. set return type declarations : (array | bool | float | int | mixed | string | void | ... )
  13. fix client side JS input validation patterns
    1. new, clone and rename handler
  14. Replace all HTML-Entities except HTML special chars
    1. nbsp; — to indent or add extra spacing to a paragraph, sentence, or another portion, better using CSS instead of multiple non-breaking spaces.
  15. allow also login with email address instead of user name
  16. move link and notifications functions in own class
    • $this->msg->notify_user()
    • $this->ref->link()

4. Installer

  1. validate username
  2. Nginx: installer seems to activate rewrite_mode ?
  3. use dbal also for installer: $db->sql_query($sql)

5. Handler

  • auto-save function on the edit and _comments handler by applying the localStorage function
  • saved discarded comment due invalidated token to avoid data loss
  • send notice on comment edit and make change visible in actions like it is done for pages, to not miss possible important content changes
  • increase the default size of the comment textarea in the default theme
  • add option to send a copy of the personal message also to the sender
  • edit: set custom textarea size (user settings/JS)
  • diff: add page title to diff

6. Action

  • registration: add option to enforce certain user name patterns
  • registration: add white and blacklist for allowed email domains
  • poll: improve actions and add templates

7. Formatter

  • add option to wrap caption around code blocks
    • <figure>
        <figcaption>Language of code</figcaption>
            <!-- your code here -->
  • auto-paragraph did not terminates correctly in indent div having a code wrapper
    • <div class="indent"><pre class="code">su</pre>
      <p id="p86658-7" class="auto"></div>
  • add support for AVIF – GD lib support pending! -> LibGD 2.3.2 -> PHP 8.1
  • file:lotus_flower.avif?direct
  • str_replace("\xc2\xa0", " ", $string);
  • text inside ##code formatter## is processed as wikitext with possibly undesired results
    • the text must be escaped to be taken as is
  • removes intentional left empty lines inside info formatter
  • parse also anchor with dash, e.g. tag#one-two
  • ((../ Go Back)) goes back two levels, but should go to parent page only
  • interwiki links are not tracked
  • relative links were not parsed in the context of the page they are included, what is the default behavior?
  • re-parsing all pages and links may result in wrong toc references, when the included page gets parsed after the page which includes them
    • HOTFIX: save all included pages with wrong toc reference again, this will update body_toc

8. Cache

9. Admin Panel

  • support templates
  • restore: process may fail while restoring page with certain Unicode
    • needs further investigation, backup seems to works while restoring may fail
    • creates empty REPLACE queries for page table until it causes a script termination due timeout

10. Database

11. WikiEdit

  1. Autocomplete seems broken, shows possible page – but selection does not work
  2. add Unicode support
  3. use only one popup for new link, having link and link description together
  4. select and remember the color of the highlighter or marker
  5. popup for tables
    1. select rows and columns
    2. set table header
  6. select color for text and highlighting
  7. resize textarea
  8. undo / redo
  9. JavaScript search & replace

12. Libs


13. Refactoring

14. Themes

  • CSS: [dir=rtl]
  • defer scripts defer></script>
  • default theme
    • background body: #ebeef2

15. Ideas

  • add action with conditional redirect by browser language to pre-selected pages, e.g. ['fr'] --> "/Doc/Français"
  • moderation/remove/rename of sub pages without modifying the parent cluster
  • JSON Feed
  • Captcha dictionary in Russian as drop in

16. Documentation

17. Feedback

18. Testing

18.1. Test cases

-> Test cases?

18.2. Debug


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