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Main Focus: Implement new PHP 8 functionality and improve GUI usability.

1. PHP


1.1. PHP 8.3


Creation of dynamic property Wacko::$mathjax is deprecated in /formatter/highlight/math.php on line 15	

  • The resultant HTML of highlight_string and highlight_file has changed.
    Whitespace between outer HTML tags is removed. Newlines and spaces
    are no longer converted to HTML entities. The whole HTML is now wrapped in
    <pre> tag. The outer <span> has been merged with <code>.

1.2. PHP 8.4


2. Features

3. Core

  2. replace col attribute in input and textarea element with CSS percent width and max-width for mobile usage
  3. add max page size value (2048) for edit handler and a recomended value, show warning text with suggestions if that value is reached
  4. declared visibility on all properties, constants and methods
  5. fix SQL Strict mode issues opportunistically (see error log)
    • 'sql_mode_strict' => '1'
      const DB_ERROR_MODE = 1;	
  6. unwrap_link() strip also last slash if user provides page="/Cluster/SubPage/" to match tag Cluster/SubPage in database
    • utf8_rtrim(new_tag, '/') or better already via regex
  7. add option to overwrite upload pre-selection (global/local)
  8. migrating from SAH-1 to SHA-256 for all hashes?
  9. improve mixed directionality of text support
    • set dir in user elements when dir differs from content, e.g content is in Persian and GUI is Greek
    • how to determine the use of the <bdi> tag, e.g. for breadcrumbs or lists
  10. made time format depended from localization and user preferences
    • DateTime::format()
    • IntlDateFormatter::format()
  11. The user name regex allows . and - in usernames however the sanitizer removes it
  12. Why does it store interwiki in session and not as JSON in _cache/config/interwiki.conf?
    • get_inter_wiki_url($name, $tag)
  13. move interwiki.conf and antispam.conf into table & _cache/config/*
  14. COLLATE utf8mb4_bin for tag eats 𝓦𝓲𝓴𝓲𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼 in LIKE '/%' query, without slash it finds it, whO_Ot
  15. UTF-8 text must be checked for well-formedness
    • static function is_utf8($string)
        return (bool) preg_match('//u', $string);
  16. localize default date formats
  17. improve and foster message sets
  18. set return type declarations : (array | bool | float | int | mixed | string | void | ... )
  19. fix client side JS input validation patterns
    1. new, clone and rename handler, import action
    2. $tpl->pattern = $this->lang['TAG'] . '+';
  20. Replace all HTML-Entities except HTML special chars
    1. nbsp; -- to indent or add extra spacing to a paragraph, sentence, or another portion, better using CSS instead of multiple non-breaking spaces.
  21. allow also login with email address instead of user name
  22. individual CSP per page
  23. move link and notifications functions in own class
    • $this->msg->notify_user()
    • $this->ref->link()
  24. partial mixed usage of DB warnings and exceptions (must use either one or the another)
    • MySQLi: mysqli_sql_exception and mysqli_connect_errno
    • PDO: errorCode and PDOException
  25. Implement a quasi mailing lists where users can register and participate, WackoWiki already comes with all functions for realisation
    • similar to personal messages, but on topics that send outgoing messages to all users subscribed to that topic
  26. improve page export and import feature (see export handler)
    • add option (handler) to add meta-data like keywords, description, language, etc.
    • json format
    • files
  27. provide simple migration script for page and files

4. Installer

  1. commented out auto-creation of empty help, terms and privacy page - needs FEEDBACK
    • make creation optional, the default theme shows the links when set in the config
    • either the user defines them individually in the admin panel or sets an additional option in the installer to create them
  2. set more strict write and create default ACLs for system and user pages
    • user pages: only the user should be able to write and create sub-pages by default in his namespace
    • system pages: no sub-page creation for users
    • requires a option to pass custom ACLs in page creation, e.g. $permissions = ['write' => 'Admins', 'create' => 'Admins']
  3. validate username
  4. Nginx: installer seems to activate rewrite_mode ?
  5. use dbal also for installer: $db->sql_query($sql)
  6. raise DB version requirement (there is a technical minimum requirement as well as a end of support)
    • enforces version for technical requirement
    • show warning for versions with end of support
  7. add config setting for database MySQL / MariaDB
    • const SQL_MODE_PERMISSIVE = [
        'mysql'	=> 'NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION'

5. Handler

  • moderate: the has_access() validation for the lock/unlock feature as well as for the indicator needs a special option for the Admin and the page owner, both have always access, and the handler always assumes only system read & comment defaults, so it won't show the correct indicator and lock/unlock mode
    • a forum or a topic however allows individual read and comment rights
  • export.xml: add option for cluster and if the handler should show the xml or offer it for direct download, some browsers modify the XML in presentation mode or show it as feed - however the user needs the original source text including the line feeds!
  • rename: add utf8_ucwords() like in new handler, however it must deal with slashes from cluster tags
  • auto-save function on the edit and _comments handler by applying the localStorage function
  • save discarded comment or page due invalidated token to avoid data loss
    • Lately, it is enough (with Firefox) to use the "Back" button of the browser and post the message again.
  • send notice on comment edit and make change visible in actions like it is done for pages, to not miss possible important content changes
  • increase the default size of the comment textarea in the default theme
  • edit: set custom textarea size (user settings/JS)
  • diff: add page title to diff
  • print: pass arguments? e.g. ?phrase=canonical&lang=&p=2

6. Action

  • search: improve search, highlighting, ideographic languages
  • allow multi-line actions -> Regex, implemented
  • registration: add option to enforce certain user name patterns
  • blog: improve options, sorting and filtering, add content templates
  • paragraphs: add option to set permalinks to paragraphs (to page version) for export (PDF) or other external reference
  • usersettings: despite being logged in it occasionally redirects the user back to the login form and the user settings become in this cycle inaccessible - bugs:568

7. Formatter

  • add Accordion, Carousel, Tabs
  • check typografica options
    • update default settings of options, some options are mostly more annoying than useful, e.g. (c)
    • interference with other syntax, e.g. striketrough
    • Unicode context
    • create test cases
  • multi-line strikethrough (marker similar) may break correct tag nesting and parsing, how this should work anyways across paragraphs, lists, etc. by only wrapping it via <del> tag
    • WikiEdit as well the Formatter must recognize a new paragraph, list as terminators to avoid invalid tag nesting!
  • evaluate syntax for definition list, e.g. ;term:ex
    • there is a working patch, however the current workaround for the random <dt> to <dd> tag transition, prevents wiki text formatting
  • add option to wrap caption around code blocks
    • <figure>
        <figcaption>Language of code</figcaption>
            <!-- your code here -->
  • indenting text in quote breaks page
    • <p id="p291-1" class="auto">
      <blockquote>Where authority fails in its duties and indeed betrays the purpose for which it has been established, disobedience is not only lawful but obligatory: non-violent disobedience, at least for now, but determined and courageous.</p>
      <div class="indent">.</blockquote>
      <p id="p291-2" class="auto"></div>
  • auto-paragraph did not terminates correctly in indent div having a code wrapper
    • <div class="indent"><pre class="code">su</pre>
      <p id="p86658-7" class="auto"></div>
  • str_replace("\xc2\xa0", " ", $string);	
  • text inside ##code formatter## is processed as wikitext with possibly undesired results
    • the text must be escaped to be taken as is
  • removes intentional left empty lines inside info formatter
  • ((../ Go Back)) goes back two levels, but should go to parent page only
  • interwiki links are not tracked
  • relative links were not parsed in the context of the page they are included, what is the default behavior?
  • re-parsing all pages and links may result in wrong toc references, when the included page gets parsed after the page which includes them
    • HOTFIX: save all included pages with wrong toc reference again, this will update body_toc
  • add support for geo: and tel: links
  • table in list prevents closing of list, ignoring the following empty line
    •   * first list
            * #||
        || « Previous | Content |  Next » ||
      || ← Back to overview | | « Back ""|"" Next » ||
      some text
        * next list	

8. Cache

9. Admin Panel

  • the users and groups module must be rewritten (anyone? ;))
  • support templates

10. Database

11. WikiEdit

  1. Autocomplete seems broken, shows possible pages - but selection does not work
  2. use only one popup for new link, having link and link description together
  3. select and remember the color of the highlighter or marker, keep selected color in session
  4. do not set multi-line markup beyond paragraph, list ad other terminators, only valid tag nesting
  5. popup for tables
    1. select rows and columns
    2. set table header
  6. select color for text and highlighting
  7. resize textarea
  8. undo / redo
  9. JavaScript search & replace
  10. ECMAScript 2018
  11. some key shortcuts does not work any longer
    • test and map what works & where
    • suggest new shortcuts in case of conflict (Firefox, Chrome, ...)

12. Translations

  • move ending colons set in the template itself back into the message sets (non-latin localization)
    • [ ' _t: MessageSet ' ]:

13. Libs

  • SimplePie

14. Refactoring

15. Offline usage improvements

Intranet usage, offline, etc.

  1. manual, help
    • installer(option to add help/)
    • provide help cluster as XML for import (de, fr, en, es, ru, zh)
    • add all essential instruction to a doc/ folder
  2. XML export / import
    • improve options (chose cluster, direct download)
    • make import / export more accessible

16. Themes

  • CSS: [dir=rtl]
  • add dark mode option: sets session value -> true: loads *_dark.css files in theme header
    •  @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { ... }	
  •  #page-edit form textarea {
      height: 400px;
      min-height: 5em;
    • change to height: auto; -> rows="40" cols="60" ?

16.1. Print

CSS Paged Media Module Level 3

@page {
    size: A4 portrait;
    margin: 15mm;
    font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    marks: crop cross;
    @bottom-center {
        content: "Seite " counter(page) " von " counter(pages);
        font-size: 10pt;
.chapter h1 {
    page-break-before: always;
    string-set: chapter-title content()
h2, h3 {
    page-break-after: avoid;
p {
    orphans: 3;
    widows: 3;

17. Ideas

18. Documentation

  • temporary write permissions for image/ folder -> AP Appearance settings: logo and favicon upload
    • chmod 0755 image/
  • Screenshots
    • store example text for Wabi-Sabi and diff handler in sub-pages for each language
    • add missing diff handler screenshots for languages other than English
  • write a new technical guide and MD-file for the WackoWiki Formatter, see /Dev/Projects/WackoFormatter/Usage
    • new examples, what is what, workflow, etc.
  • add file to action, handler and formatter folder with a short introduction and HowTo
  • differentiate update instructions between minor and major upgrade
  • add a page for Terms in WackoWiki
    • cluster, free link, wikilink, etc.
  • add CSP help page
  • order config page according the sections in the Admin panel via sub-headings
  • write your own action
  • write your own formatter
  • write your own theme
  • When a upgrade should be done?
  • How I reduce the applications footprint?
  • add example for rewrite with Nginx - HELP needed
    1. Converting Apache Rewrite Rules to NGINX Rewrite Rules
    2. Pitfalls and Common Mistakes
    3. Creating NGINX Rewrite Rules

19. Feedback

20. Testing

20.1. Debug


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