Scheduled For Release 2022-09-15
0000331: [formatter] make link work with file: syntax e.g. ((/Doc file:/wacko_logo.png))
0000006: [appearance] possibility to inherit language for nested pages in a cluster
0000023: [page rights] Page owned by a group
0000193: [wikiedit] Help location customization ability
0000374: [formatter] add list style type for lower-greek
0000302: [database] add function lastInsertId for last_insert_id() (Tann San)
0000030: [action] showing referrers also for cluster
0000296: [bug tracker] Guests should be able to choose their preferred GUI language. (administrator)
0000047: [editing] Warn when page is being edited
0000329: [formatter] Better support for SQL comments in SQL highlighter
0000364: [administration] Default error 403 and 404 pages should be customisable as any other Wiki-pages
0000365: [customization] Should store TITLE, META DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS in history and show their changes in /revisions and /diff
0000142: [editing] Manually set dates for pages
0000163: [localization] database language system
0000170: [handler] mass_watch
0000195: [formatter] Some markup combinations with ?? doesn't work
0000239: [handler] merge referrers and referrers_sites handler
0000244: [cache] autodelete of old cache / overwrite old cache if a given quota is reached
0000286: [formatter] "laquo" => 1 and "quotes" => 1, causes in some cases the Formatter to fail
0000145: [handler] possibility to rename attached files and editing file description
0000150: [core] Internal relative paths ../../../
0000022: [regular expressions] Link regexp failed when many punctuation marks at the end are found
0000298: [project site] File on project site containing infos for available updates / upgrades
0000324: [page rights] Disadvantages of ACL in WackoWiki
0000082: [action] Contact Form Action
0000396: [formatter] forced linebreak disables formatting of headings
0000027: [interwiki] Custom Inter Wiki Map for Wacko Wiki
0000341: [core] date and time formats dependent on user language (administrator)
0000312: [handler] Merge remove and purge handler (administrator)
0000316: [core] Minimize wacko class (administrator)
0000337: [action] add config option for the feed action to protect from misuse (administrator)
0000358: [database] Automatic title generator should not only split tag by spaces but should also make it look like sentence (Elar9000)
0000373: [action] sort tree and other action results by different criteria (administrator)
0000378: [installer] installer: add option / step to create database (administrator)
0000390: [search] Exclude selected pages from wacko search (Elar9000)
0000391: [formatter] Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 240 seconds exceeded (administrator)
0000173: [search] Extended Search (administrator)
0000453: [formatter] quote breaks after url (administrator)
0000234: [documentation] Include Basic Documentation in the package (administrator)
0000192: [appearance] Page revision Diff/Cancel button placement does not follow user's habits (administrator)
0000141: [xml] Export doesn't work without write privilege. Fix attached. (administrator)
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