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Feed Title: openSUSE News

Looking at Next Steps for Leap 16 Branding

Many thanks to all who participated in the Leap 16 branding workshop at the openSUSE Conference 2024. The enthusiasm and creativity is moving us forward to take the next steps with Leap 16 branding. Let’s develop some of these fantastic ideas further!

Below is a list of Leap 16 branding initiatives we aim to achieve:

1) Abstract Distribution Agnostic Wallpaper

We are looking for wallpaper designs that can be shared across any distribution. This could be a gradient, fractal or any other abstract design, which ideally incorporates the new logo. The goal is to create something visually appealing and universally adaptable as chameleons do.

2) Abstract Distribution Specific Wallpaper for Leap 16 and Tumbleweed

In addition to the agnostic wallpaper, we need specific designs for Leap 16 and Tumbleweed. These wallpapers should reflect the unique identity of each distribution while maintaining a cohesive visual theme. An adjustable design for other flavors like Slowroll, Kalpa, Aeon and others can be considered and proposed to those projects.

3) Day and Night Variant with Chameleon

We’re also seeking designs for a day and night variant featuring a beloved chameleon. These wallpapers should complement each other while representing the different times of the day in a creative and engaging way. Additionally, day/night variants for abstract designs could also be an option. While not necessary, if participants have good ideas, these will be consider further.

4) Photo Submissions of Our Mascot

We invite you to submit two photos related to our mascot, the chameleon, or anything that resembles to it. The photographer of the photo must also be the submitter. This is a great opportunity to showcasephotography skills and contribute to our branding efforts.

Call for Photo Competition!

We are thrilled to announce a photo competition. Please submit your pictures for a chance to be featured in branding materials. You can submit your photos through our GitHub issue tracker. We will use a thumbs up/down mechanism to select the best entries.

Submit photos here.

Submission Guidelines

You are welcome to participate on the wallpapers collection set in our branding repository.

Photos can be submitted here under issue 18.

Deadline and Requirements

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1, 2024. Please ensure your entries meet the following requirements:

  • Must be brand-related (chameleons, chameleon-like objects, etc.)
  • High-resolution photographs only (4k or preferrably 5k)
  • Original work - submitted by the author of the photograph or with approval from the actual author
  • Landscape orientation only

Please add a copy of your photos, including a description (where it was taken and what is in the picture), as comments into the issue. Include a link to a high-resolution variant.

We can’t wait to see your creative contributions and make Leap 16 an even more visually stunning experience for everyone in the openSUSE community!

(Image made with DALL-E)

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Feed Title: Pool von Japan Through the Eyes of Others