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Survey For openSUSE Leap 15.3 Release Closes

Our survey about the release of openSUSE Leap 15.3 has ended and the results will be discussed in a release retrospective at the openSUSE Conference in the coming days.

“I’d like to give big thanks to all of those who participated…,” wrote release manager Lubos Kocman in an email. “We’ve received 605 responses, which is almost 200 more than in 15.2. I’m grateful for the increased participation as it shows us that it makes sense to have this type of feedback loop.”

Kocman will give a talk at the openSUSE Conference on June 19 at 09:00 UTC and discuss the results.

Project members and participants of the conference and survey are encouraged to join.

“We’ll schedule some more public rounds on meet.o.o as well, as you can’t review all of (the) feedback (plus) create action items in a single session,” he wrote.

For those interested in the raw data from the survey, it is available on the wiki page.

Plasma, Mesa, curl Update in Tumbleweed

Three openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released this week with the possibility of another snapshot being released over the weekend if it passes openQA testing.

The latest snapshot, 20210609, brought an update for KDE users; Plasma 5.22.0 was released just days ago and improves stability and usability across the board, according to the release announcement. Developers put in a lot of work on the aesthetics of the release. The big new feature in the release is called Adaptive Transparency, which provides a pleasant translucent panel and panel widgets that become entirely opaque if there are any maximized windows; this is done to avoid any visual distractions when users need to focus. The new version also opens up on a speed dial page in System Settings that gives users direct access to the most commonly used settings, as well as to the ones accessed the most. Mozilla Thunderbird renewed an expired keyring in the 78.11.0 version and fixed two Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. Wireshark 3.4.6 fixed a display filter crash and macro filters’ handling of escaped characters. A major version update for the basic directory structure was made with the jump of the filesystem package from version 15.5 to 84.87. GNOME 40 also received some updates in the snapshot with an update of gnome-software to version 40.2; some crash fixes were made and an improvement in reporting errors low disk space for Flatpak were made. Other packages to update in the snapshot were git 2.32.0, powertop 2.14, xfce4-settings and nftables 0.9.9.

The 20210605 snapshot provided an update of curl 7.77.0, which fixed three CVEs; CVE-2021-22901 could be tricked into using already freed memory when a new TLS session is negotiated or a client certificate is requested on an existing connection using the curl library. Printing protocol cups-filters updated to version 1.28.8 and fixed several memory leaks and provided some fixes for grayscale mode. A major version update of chrony 4.1 arrived in the snapshot. The newer implementation for Network Time Protocol added support for Network Time Security (NTS) authentication and added support for Advanced Encryption Standard keys with the low-level cryptographic library Nettle. Multiple patches were added for the the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture package and the asla-plugins package in the update to versions 1.2.5. The command line utility package for container images and image repositories, Skopeo, updated to version 1.2.3 and added a fix for login and logout registry arguments. An update of yast2 version 4.4.9 disabled hibernation based on products and virtual machines. Other packages to update in the snapshot were libvirt 7.4.0, kmod 29, vim 8.2.2918 and more.

The 3D Mesa package and Mesa-drivers package updated to versions 21.1.2 in snapshot 20210604. Some flickering when rendering was fixed on Intel’s Tiger Lake chips with the Mesa update. Most of the updates included changes for AMD and Intel, but there was a decent amount of arm fixes. Multiple fixes were made in the update of apache2 2.4.48, which added SSL related inquiry functions to the server Application Programming Interface. The update of the Thunderbolt 3 device manager bolt updated to version 0.9.1, which fixes journal and now has a host identification for embedded thunderbolt controllers. Redis 6.2.4 fixed a few crashes and a CVE that exploited an integer overflow bug. The zypper package added hints to trust GPG key prompt in the version update to 1.14.45; the package also received a translation in Kabyle , which is a language spoken in north Africa. Other packages to update in the snapshot were remmina 1.4.18, xapps 2.2.0, hwdata 0.348 and more.