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Feed Title: openSUSE News

Results of Use Case Survey Published

The openSUSE Project ran a use-case survey during the month of October and results are now available via a 254-page report and a summary of the survey’s findings is on the community’s wiki.

The survey provides a breakdown of the use cases of Linux among respondents based on their primary use of IT.

The survey had general questions along with sections for Work/Business and Home/Hobby. Those who responded as using both, which if selected provides the surveyee the opportunity to take the entire 30-question survey.

Questions on various IT technologies like cloud computing, containerization, configuration management, desktop computing, server infrastructure, serverless computing, virtualization, edge computing, IoT applications, machine learning, blockchain, gaming and a category of others were part of the survey.

People were able to rate their use of these technologies as well as to provide comments for selective questions. The raw text from the full report was compiled to provide a summary for the ratings and use cases.

People reviewing the report are more than welcome to enhance the summary on the wiki.

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